Probiotics : The healthy gut bible by Caroline Hwang

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People say happiness and health starts in the gut and studies have shown this to be true. The health of the gut is linked to alleviating stress and anxiety, reducing skin problems, boosting the immune system and more. In addition to keeping a healthy diet and being active, you can aid your gut health by consuming probiotic foods and drinks by way of fermentation.

What are probiotics? Probiotics are live cultures and bacteria that help keep the gut healthy. Probiotic drinks such as kombucha and kefirs are becoming ever more popular in the world of health drinks, coming in very close to cold-pressed juices and smoothies. Lesser known probiotic drinks like beetroot kvass, jun and tepache all have the same fermented goodness, not to mention the delight they bring to the taste buds.

Some fermentations require the aid of living cultures like grains and scobys while others ferment all on their own – these are called wild fermentations. Each fermentation requires a little tending and care, but nothing more than five minutes of your day. This book is divided into five chapters exploring both fermented drinks made with cultures and wild fermented drinks.

Each chapter starts with a basic recipe and instructions for the foundation drink followed by different variations based from that drink. Soon enough, the fizzy delights will tickle your taste buds, not to mention bring joy and health to your gut.


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