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Volcanoes and Earthquakes is one of the Geo Detectives series in which we get to follow Ava and George as they go on a mission to find out more about a topic, with this one being volcanoes and earthquakes. From the front cover alone we could see this was going to be a fun read and it didn’t disappoint!

Having Ava and George leading the book is a great way to keep the children engaged and keep a constant throughout, it was fun for the children to see how they would be involved in the page like pushing the land to demonstrate an earthquake or pointing towards something we might not have noticed. I think the book is laid out brilliantly with each page having a sub topic and lots of facts regarding that topic in an easy to understand way for children but also ensuring good quality facts and information. For more complicated words, they are made bold, which is great as it makes it noticeable and easy to see that the meaning will be in the glossary at the back of the book.

The illustrations are fantastic with lots of fun and cartoon style images throughout but also where relevant there are maps and photos which is a nice touch. I was quite surprised by just how many activities there are within this book, it is fantastic to see them and with activities suiting a range of ages and difficulties like a cookie resembling the crumbling of the earth and a sandwich representing how the land moves in an earthquake. They are very easy to follow and relevant to the information in the book and so brilliant for children who may learn better by trying it out themselves or visually.

To finish the book of there are some questions for the children to answer and a parent / teacher section which suggest further areas of study which are very helpful and would be great to extend knowledge after this book. The children have really enjoyed looking at this book, it is one of the best books on the topic I have seen. It doesn’t have vast amounts of information like some books do but what it does have is done in such a child friendly way leaving lots to think about or to encourage learning more, well worth a read for primary school aged children!


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