2. True Colours by Barry Geraghty with Niall Kelly

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The sports biography with a message for our times

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Barry Geraghty retired in July 2020 as an Irish horseracing legend. From his first win in 1997 he went on to ride almost 2,000 winners, making him the fourth most accomplished rider of all time. With more wins at Cheltenham than any other jockey riding today, he has worked with all the greats – Moscow Flyer, Kicking King, Monty’s Pass. But Barry is covered in scars. He has broken all his limbs, his shoulders, his ribs and his nose. He has survived falls too numerous to recall and spent most of 2019 with a metal cast on his leg. And yet, he kept getting back on the horse. This book is about resilience; the mental power that enables the great to keep going despite the pain, despite the odds. Containing startling revelations and a searingly honest insight into the life of a top jockey, this is a must-read for all sporting fans.


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