Lucky Stars 3: The Pop Singer Wish Phoebe Bright


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One night Cassie is gazing at the twinkling sky, when suddenly a shooting star zooms into her bedroom and transforms, into Stella Starkeeper. Stella and Cassie fly to the secret world of the stars, and Cassie discovers she is destined to be a Lucky Star – someone who can grant real wishes. But first Cassie must collect six magical charms and use their powers wisely – helping other people’s wishes to come true. Only then will she become a fully fledged Lucky Star!

In book three, THE POP SINGER WISH, Jacey Day comes to stay at Starwatcher Towers B & B. Jacey is performing at a concert, but her backing singers won’t make it in time! Cassie has to find a way to help . . . maybe her flower charm holds the answer?


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