* Modern Gingerbread : 15 Inspiring New Ideas for Bakes and Cakes by Sandra Monger

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The making and decorating of gingerbread houses has long been synonymous with the coming of Christmas, and the tradition has never gone out of fashion. In recent years the design and painstaking creation of gingerbread structures has gone beyond the traditional cottage, with users on Pinterest seeking inspiration for the making of gingerbread cities, skyscrapers and even sugar-glazed gingerbread greenhouses. Modern Gingerbread seeks to tap into, and lead, the trend for contemporary gingerbread baking and decorating.

Lauded cake-maker Sandra Monger is full of terrific ideas for gingerbread projects, from decorative gingerbread tiles and wreaths to a Norwegian kransekake delicately crafted from rings of gingerbread. The piece de resistance in Modern Gingerbread is Sandra’s gingerbread-embellished wedding cake, which will no doubt prove a show-stopper for any budding baker. The gingerbread projects included in the book are accompanied by templates, and recipes for traditional, coloured and vegan gingerbread are also featured.


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