# Xtra Value 4 Book Bundle – Easy Readers

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Almond Blossom’s Mystery

Every year, Almond Blossom looks forward to spring most of all, but time is passing and it’s still winter in the Flower Fairies’ Garden. Then a ransom note arrives declaring that spring has been stolen!
Can Almond Blossom find out who the culprits are? And will warmth and happiness every return to Flower Fairyland?

The Monkey King

When the Monkey King angers the Emperor of Heaven, he is set a task by Buddha to determine whether he is to be punished or not. Will he pass or will he fail?

The Magic Melon

Lee is too lazy to grow any food, so he gets very hungry. Then he plants a magic melon – but things don’t go as planned…


“You? Go to the ball?” said Cinderella’s stepmother. “You must be joking. You belong in the kitchen.” But Cinderella’s fairy godmother has other ideas…


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