Complete Guide To Gay Life For New Explorers by Michael Ryan



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Q I think I’m gay, what do I do?
Q Who can I talk to about being gay?
Q How do I avoid HIV and AIDS?
Q As a parent, do I have to accept that my child is gay?

This book has the answer to these and two hundred other questions to help you understand what life is like for a gay person and how to make the most of that life. If you are gay or think you might be gay or if you are someone who needs to understand the world of a gay person, then this book is for you. It covers many of the questions emerging gay people have in relation to this new discovery and questions their family and friends might ask. It also answers questions about gay culture and gay sex and gives tips and hints for staying healthy and safe. The content is deemed to be suitable for people aged fourteen and over. Michael Ryan is a counsellor and psychotherapist who is also gay. He has worked with hundreds of gay people. He wrote this book because he needed a resource to give to students, clients and their supporters to help them in their personal discovery about being gay, or how best to support someone else who is gay.

“It’s basically a Gay mini-encyclopedia” – David (17)
“Exactly the book I needed to explain to me what being gay is all about” – Lauren (14)
“The perfect resource for parents who have a gay child” – Claire (Parent)


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