Tuesdays Are Just As Bad by Cethan Leahy



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Witty YA novel that deals with serious issues such as depression and teenage suicide written by an exciting new talent in Irish fiction. Funny, diverse set of characters, a compelling premise and unique narrative voice. Shines a light on the topic of teen suicide.

Winner of the Mercier Press fiction competition. When troubled teenager Adam wakes in hospital after a suicide attempt, he finds that he has company. A ghost.

Or perhaps it’s something else. This ‘ghost’ is as confused as Adam about the whole situation. Narrated from the point of view of this ‘ghost’, Tuesdays are just as Bad follows Adam as he attempts to return to normal life – whatever that is.

When Adam makes new friends via his counselling sessions, he ends up developing a relationship with one of the gang, Aoife. Surrounded by these friends, Adam starts to feel happy again. The ‘ghost’, however, becomes jealous.

In the end, he decides that the only way he can be free of this feeling is to isolate Adam so he can have him all to himself, with catastrophic results. A mix of Louise O’Neill’s Asking for It and Nothing Tastes as Good by Claire Hennessy.


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